The Latino & Iberian Film Festival at Yale (LIFFY) began as a film series in the late 1990s and then formed part of the New England Festival of Iberian Cinema (NEFIAC) from 2010 to 2014. The festival was established as the Latino & Iberian Film Festival at Yale (LIFFY) in 2015.

LIFFY strives to promote cultural awareness, mutual understanding, and unity among people of divergent backgrounds. To that end, LIFFY presents films that tell the stories and share the perspectives  of people from the diverse countries, languages, and cultures that make up Latin America and the Iberian peninsula.

All films presented at the Latino & Iberian Film Festival at Yale are presented in their original languages with English subtitles. LIFFY screenings are presented free of charge and are open to the Yale community as well as to the greater New Haven community.


Jurados/Jury: Bea Gallardo, Víctor Gaviria, Cynthia Sabat. Categoría Largometraje de Ficción/ Feature Fiction Films Category MEJOR PELÍCULA -BEST FEATURE FILM Malpaso, de...
A Spanish-language film festival is braving the pandemic to move into its first decade online. To do it, it’s shifting the lens on Latinx filmmakers, storytellers, and...
Margherita Tortora
One of Margherita Tortora’s passions is watching Latin American films. She has always incorporated them into her classes at Yale, where she is a Senior Lector II in Spanish...