November 7-11, 2018

The Latino and Iberian Film Festival is hosted at Yale, free and open to the general public.  We strive to promote cultural awareness and understanding through the screening of films from many different countries where Spanish and Portuguese are spoken, and by inviting filmmakers, actors, and producers to converse with our audience.  It is our premise that knowledge promotes respect for diversity and unity amongst peoples of divergent backgrounds.  All films are screened with English subtitles.

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Margherita Tortora is Senior Lecturer of Spanish and Latin American studies at Yale, and founder/executive director of The Latino and Iberian Film Festival at Yale. She’s...
Margherita Tortora, executive director and founder of LIFFY, introduces the film to the student audience.
More than 200 students from the New Haven public schools attended the 9th annual Latino & Iberian Film Festival at the Whitney Humanities Center on November 8 and enjoyed...