The Latino and Iberian Film Festival is hosted at Yale, free and open to the general public.  We strive to promote cultural awareness and understanding through the screening of films from many different countries where Spanish and Portuguese are spoken, and by inviting filmmakers, actors, and producers to converse with our audience.  It is our premise that knowledge promotes respect for diversity and unity amongst peoples of divergent backgrounds.  All films are screened with English subtitles.

Submissions open for LIFFY 2019

Now accepting submissions for LIFFY 2019 to take place in November. Three main competition categories: Shorts, Feature Films, Documentaries. All must have English subtitles. No more than 3 years old. We do not pay distributor’s fees. You can send a message to facebook.com/liffyyale/ or write to margherita.tortora@yale.edu. Please send screener, trailer, technical specs, and short summary. Submissions close July 31, 2019. Films will be chosen by early September. LIFFY is a Yale University event that is free and open to the general public. Completely not for profit.

Ya se aceptan envíos de películas para LIFFY 2019. Competencias para Mejor Cortometraje, Mejor Documental y Mejor Largometraje de Ficción.
Bases: No puede tener más de 3 años. Tiene que tener subtítulos en inglés. No pagamos ningún tipo de alquiler. Favor de enviar una versión para visionar (screener), trailer, ficha técnica y breve resumen. Fecha de cierre para enviar películas: 31 julio 2019
Pueden mandar un mensaje aquí o escribir a margherita.tortora@yale.edu
LIFFY es un evento de la Universidad de Yale y completamente gratis para todo el público. Sin fines de lucro.


Margherita Tortora is Senior Lecturer of Spanish and Latin American studies at Yale, and founder/executive director of The Latino and Iberian Film Festival at Yale. She’s...
Margherita Tortora, executive director and founder of LIFFY, introduces the film to the student audience.
More than 200 students from the New Haven public schools attended the 9th annual Latino & Iberian Film Festival at the Whitney Humanities Center on November 8 and enjoyed...