Fall 2018 Film Series

The Council on Latin American & Iberian Studies is pleased to present three important films representing the countries of Honduras, El Salvador, and Guatemala.

Film Series Program

Tuesday, September 18

7:00pm         Morazán

Hispano Durón, Honduras (2017)
Featuring director Hispano Durón
1842. Morazán, Head of the State of Costa Rica, faces his last battle for the restoration of the Central American Republic.

Tuesday, September 27

7:00pm         Puerto El Triunfo

Jeffrey Gould, El Salvador/USA/Canada (2017)

Featuring director Jeffrey Gould

In the 1970s, the 1500 organized workers of Puerto el Triunfo - mostly women - thanks to their struggles were amongst the more privileged laborers in the country. Then, state repression eliminated union leaders or drove them into exile. By 1990, the industry collapsed. The film provides a window into neoliberalism.


Monday, October 8

7:00pm         500 Years

Featuring directors Pamela Yates and Paco de Onís


From a historic genocide trial and the organized defense of the land to the overthrow of a corrupt President, 500 Years tells a sweeping story of resistance in Guatemala’s recent history through the actions and perspectives of the majority indigenous Mayan population, who now stand poised to reimagine their society.